Best Homeopathy hospitals in Hyderabad

Dr.Murali Ankireddy

Dr. Anki Reddy was created to provide quality health care at an affordable cost. In our quest to provide the best quality medical care, we have managed to get the best panel of physicians from all areas of medicine. Dr. Ankireddy’s clinical treatment with his own unique approach distinguishes a set of formulas treated more than one Lakh patient over two decades of practice.

Panel Doctor: National Agency for Remote Sensing, A.D.R.I.N. Indian Airlines, director, and consultant for many corporate hospitals.


Visiting Doctor for N.R.S.A. Housing Complex, Advanced Data Research Institute,

This is undoubtedly a very popular homeopathic remedy that helps treat the body’s natural decongestants and histamines and also helps clear sinuses from recalcitrant mucus and relieves abundant discharges. It relieves and extends to the onset of bluetongue pain and irritation of the eyes, nose and throat due to allergies, hay fever, common colds or even congestions.

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